About "Kanji Finder"

"Kanji" is the oriental traditional character. The origin of "Kanji" is in China, and now, the people use it in China, Japan, Korea, and the countries in southeast asia. We rarely find "Kanji" at Europe, North and South America, Africa, Russia, and so on.

"Kanji" is the beautifully designed character. The latest fasion adopted it and introduce us the beauty of "Kanji" character.

This site : "Kanji Finder" bring you well-designed cool words of "Kanji". You can use it for any way, T-shirt, poster, logo, and the other printings.

Please enjoy "Kanji Finder" and I hope you will be inerested in Japanese and the asian culture.

  • "kanji":kamikaze
  • "kanji":fuji
  • "kanji":yokozuna

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